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Booking Form

Please feel free to copy and paste this in the contact box

Booking Information and contraindications

To ensure that we are meeting your needs and requirements of the Therapeutic Sound Association we would ask you to consider the questions below.

All information is confidential and is held in line with the current data protection act.

Please feel free to copy the questions below and send them in to us or we can email them to you when you are ready to book.


Also, we do have a Q and A at the bottom for questions we are asked frequently which you may find helpful

Sonic Sound Bath Sessions

Clients Name  

Your Preferred contact

Next of Kin and contact details  

emergency contact number(s) 

What do you feel you would like to gain from having a sound bath?  


Are you in the first trimester of pregnancy?  YES / NO  

Are you pregnant?   YES / NO  


Do you suffer from any form of epilepsy/seizures? YES / NO  


Do you have mental health challenges such as anxiety or depression? YES / NO  


Do you have metal plates or implants in my body?  YES / NO  

Please check with my GP/physician/Consultant if you have a pacemaker / electronic implant that this session is suitable for you as the vibrations can be very strong.  


Will you require a chair due to not being able to lay on the floor?  YES / NO

(We have Chairs and Floor mats available, but you are welcome to bring your own mat if you wish).


Do you require lifesaving medication?  YES / NO  


Do you require any additional support such as wheelchair access?  YES / NO  


If you have answered ‘YES’ to any of the above or feel there is something else I should be aware of (i.e current medication you are taking) - then please give more detail below or contact us beforehand.  



I accept the responsibility that:  

I am attending a sound bath/meditation/therapy/course with Sonic Sound Bath and I will inform them if anything changes if I attend more than one session.


We will ask you to sign a form for each session you attend as this is a requirement of the International Therapeutic Sound Association and is a legal requirement.

For any concerns please consult your GP 

Questions and Answers 

Do I need to bring anything?

We do have Chairs and Matts for group sessions and a bed/couch from one to one sessions. But we do ask if you can bring a blanket/cover and pillow cushion with you due to the new covid guidelines.

Feel free to bring water or a snack for after the session such as chocolate or fruit if you wish.

How Long are the sessions?

The Sound Session will be for approx an hour. We do have a little chat with everyone at the end of the session which is nice there is no rush to leave as soon as the session is over.

Can I Have a sound bath if I suffer from depression

Yes, As long as your condition is being managed by a GP then we can create a suitable session.

Can I drive after a session?

Yes, you can, we use techniques to wake you up at the end of a session.

We always check in with you at the end to make sure you are wide awake.

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