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 Submerge your inner self.
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Sound Baths
Case Studies using the BAST Method.
Currently I am undertaking my case studies with BAST (The British Academy of Sound Therapy).
I am looking for local people to part take in my studies.
If you are interested in taking part then please get in touch with me to discuss this in more detail.
Group Sessions
In a small group setup while complying with social distancing.
One to One Sessions 
One to One Sound Therapy sessions. Complying with social distancing.
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About Rachel


I have been in the music business for over 20 years as a professional singer, song writer, producer and teacher for well over 20 years.

Music is her life and soul.

I have now decided to take a step further and train as a sound therapist with BAST.

I chose to train with Bast as they have years of experience, Studies that show the benefits of sound therapy and also 20 Years of research.

With all of this in mind I want to give my clients the best sound treatment I can. That will be an affordable therapy for all alduts to enjoy and experience.



Please feel free to contact Rachel to discuss your needs.

PHONE NUMBER: 07716025098


Booking Form 

To enable the facilitator to best support your needs please read the following and give the appropriate response in the box below.
I am in the first trimester of pregnancy Yes or No
I suffer from epilepsy Yes or No
I have mental health challenges such as anxiety or depression Yes or No
I have metal plates in my body Yes or No
I require lifesaving medication Yes or No
 In a group setting it is not possible to give targeted 1-2-1 sound therapy to meet a specific need. Your Group Sound/Voice therapist is giving a general group session which may have an aim or theme such as relaxation, energising, art, or creativity for example. These sessions may have a therapeutic effect but are not a substitute for any orthodox medical treatment you are receiving at present. If you have any concerns regarding your health and wellbeing you are advised to see your GP or health consultant. As part of the assessment procedure I understand that I may be contacted by a member of the BAST team and am happy to give feedback regarding my treatment. (we will use the contact details given).By attending a session you will potentially be asked to give feedback which could be written or recorded by audio or video.
By attending this session you agree that you are happy with these terms.

Thanks for submitting We will Contact you Soon

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