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When was the last time you took some time out for yourself?

Come and allow your mind, body and soul to relax.

Feel replenished with our Sonic Sound Bath experiences.

Spend an hour bathing in the frequencies of Sound from the,

Gongs, Himalayan, Pyamid & Quartz Crystal Bowls,

Drums, Monochord

Other instruments from around the globe!

How frequently do you make it a priority to allow time for relaxation and resting deeply?

Do you allow yourself time to be still and present

Awareness of your body and breath.

Sound Baths are known to release unwanted tensions,

It's said that 90% of trips to see doctors worldwide are underlined by stress.

Sound Baths are known to be good for relaxation.

Allowing us to explore and relax on a physical, mental and emotional level holistically and let go.

Some people liken the experience to meditation.

Come and join us for a session with weekday bookings available.

Many people find it difficult to meditate despite knowing the many benefits, yet find the process easier to relax into whilst attending a Sound session.


Services We Offer:

Group / Private Sound Bath Sessions are available.

Gong Bath Sessions

One To One Sessions

Drum Journey 

Singing Bowl Massage

Drum Massage

Sound Therapy Sessions BAST Method which can include:

Gong Therapy.

Singing Bowls 


Sound Healing Energy Sessions - SHA 

Working with the chakras and Auras.

Scanning the energies using sound.

Oracle Card readings based on the chakras.

Please feel free to contact to discuss your needs.

PHONE NUMBER / Watsaap -  07716025098

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