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Sound Energy Healing Sessions 

All sessions include a biofield assessment which involves the scanning of the sutle energy fields around the body to identify imbalances.

Using the instruments we release stuck energy or bring in new energy to encourage balance in a physical,
Soul and Spirit Level.

Each session involves using instruments and shifting energy using the chakra system and the meridian lines of the body.

Sessions are £55 p/h


Sound Therapy - 

These sessions are sound therapy based it is a 4-week course for you to explore something you would like to work on. This can be a physical, Emotional, Mentel or Spiritual level.

It is a mixture of talking and sound

without having to talk about the issue.

Helps create balance

Studies have shown that it could improve overall health and wellbeing.

The Course Details.

Therapy sessions..

With the BAST METHOD we will start a session by 

identifying the issue, symptom or situation that you would like to work on.

we will build a picture of the issue and then use instruments to reflect on what is happening using self-reflection to enable you to explore what the issue is and how you can move forward processing trauma or grief as well as relationship issues and well as physical pain and tension.

stressful situations can also be explored.

After the sounds have let your brain waves relax this can help enable you to think about how to move forward and could give you insight .

for more information on the research on this please feel free to view the research papers at the link below.

Sound Affects - The British Academy of Sound Therapy


Every time a sound is made it creates a frequency.
This sound frequency creates a shape which is shown above. These shapes are linked to sacred geometry.

This is also how water reacts with sound and seeing we are mostly made up of water is essential for us when shifting unwanted energies and bringing more energising stimulation into the body using sound.


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