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Booking & Contact 

Please feel free to contact us if there is anything else you would like to know.

Or too book a session with us. 

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Booking Sessions

How To Book

Please feel free to send us a message to book a session.

Once we receive this we will confirm via email and send you a payment link.

Sessions are by appointment only. Bookings are subject to a health questionnaire to check the session is suitable for you.


Group Sessions

£15 per person or bring a friend for £25 (one hour). we take up to 10 people at a time per session.

Sessions are on weekdays at 2 pm, 7:30 pm or 9 pm.

Private One to One - Mixed instrument Sessions are £45 for

(one hour)

If you prefer a private sound bath up and close to the instruments then this is for you. this includes a biofield assessment.

One-to-one sessions online £25 for (one hour)

Sessions are via zoom with mixed instruments and include a biofield assessment


BAST one-to-one sound therapy / Reflective therapy

£260 for x4 90 minutes sessions.

(then after £60 per session)

This is a wonderful way of working and exploring a situation or symptom using the "BAST Method" this is a great alternative to talking therapy using a model that works on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level). this therapy is for over 18s only

Himalayan Singing bowl massage £45 for an hour

(Enjoy a sonic massage from the vibration of the singing bowls)

Tuning Fork sessions. £45 For the hour 

This is an on-body treatment with the tuning forks placed on the body we will ask you for some contraindications before booking to check our best practice to insure this session is right for you.

£45 per hour

Drum Massage £45 for the hour

Drumming over the body and passive drum journeys can be a very nice relaxing experience with our range of synthetic drum skins suitable for animal lovers.  

We will ask you for some contraindications before booking to check our best practice to insure this session is right for you.

£45 per hour

Private Group parties - Please contact us 

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Our Terms and Conditions to booking treatments and sessions.


We want to be as clear and transparent with our clients.

These conditions can be found on our website at: and on our facebook page.



If a session is cancelled or changed within 48 hours then the client will still be charged for the session.


Sessions cannot be changed or forwarded 48 hours before the session as this is time could have spent with other clients.


Sessions are subject to contraindications set out by the “TSA” Therapeutic Sound Association guidelines.


Your contraindications form must be completed as a pre request to a session – If it is not completed before hand and signed then your session will not go ahead and you will still be charged for the hour.


Your booking form must be answered openly and honestly.


Sessions start on time we ask that you aim to arrive 10 to 15 minutes before session starts.


Group sessions will start at said time if you are late you may not be able to come in once the session has started as this is unfair to others in the group.


Bookings should be paid in advance unless agreed otherwise.

Studio Address

Bookings are by appointment only.


The Briary

Main Road




Phone / Watsapp


Or send us a message using the contact box.

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