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Singing Lessons

Vocal Coaching


With over 23 years of being in the music business I have worked as a professional singer touring and gigging for many years.
I have pretty much covered all aspects of the music business including working for Showbiz Acadamy in Poole, Local based Choir "Just 4 Grins"  for many years as well as coaching alot of professional singers who are working professionally in the industry from P&O Cruises, Butlins coaching students for entry levels into stage schools and theatre companies and other auditions for Jobs to working with clients who would like to sing for a hobby or band singers who want to brush up on their vocal skills.

I have worked for many years on stage, in the studio as well as teaching in the classroom.
My extensive knowlege on the industry gives my students insight which I have had to learn along the way.

I have a purpose built studio for singers where I coach and work from.
My lessons are £45 Per Hour and are pre paid only.
All lessons are bespoke and clients can choose what they wish to learn.
I do not coach for exams as my lessons are structured around the singer and are more hololistic based. 

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