One To One Sessions

Group Sessions can feel overwhelming for some clients.

We understand that being in a group session can be overwhelming for some clients.

We are also offering one to one sessions for clients who might not want to work in a group setting at all.

One to one sound Baths means that you can relax into the space and enjoy the experince in a unique way.

We Offer sessions for:


Single Sessions - £45

Tuning Forks

Gong Baths,

Crystal Baths,

Himalayan Bowl Baths ( On or off body)

Double Instruments £65 


Crystal Singing Bowls (Off Body)

Himalayan Bowls ( on or off body)

Full Sound Bath £100

Tuning Forks



Crystal singing bowls

Monochord / Voice

Himalayan Singing Bowls



These sessions are all an hour including a 5 - 10 percussion sequence to bring you back around around to awaking state.