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Media & Sounds

Music VS Sound

Sounds are around us everywhere.

We live is a constant environment of sounds and noise. "Music" is a fancy name for arranged sound.

Constructed with a goal in mind.

While it has can give us a short term feeling of joy it does not sustain our emotions and feelings for long.

most of the time we know where the arrange sounds are building expectation and this is known to release endorphins which give us a short term fix of happiness. These days Life can be stressful and can feel overwhelming for some.

This sometimes can not feel straightforward especially when we are in an emotional state

With Sound Therapy or Healing we can explore sound at a deeper level.

In my experiences I have noticed colors and shapes being created by my minds eye.

The feeling that my body has become expanded to a point of weightlessness or non existence.

With deep feelings of expansion and my body learning to express emotions that I never knew I had.

Releasing tensions that I never knew I had stuck deep within me.

Using the Hours Sound bath I have been able to notice the sounds and dynamics of the ever changing landscape of waves and the ebb and flow of how the sounds come alive from nowhere into a deep sustain of bliss.

As we "meditate" or just crave something else beyond our day to day life.


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