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Rachel Scott professional singing teacher and sound Therapist


Professional Singer,

Sound Therapist

Vocal Coach

Music Producer

Rachel is a singer in her own right and has performed worldwide over the years at many high profile venues.

She is trained in Creative Music and has a degree in Music Technology. 

Rachel has taught many ages from 8 -100 over the years and has help students progress on to college, University and on to becoming a professional artist.


Her past students have gone on to lots of amazing things within the music industry including her students being signed to recording deals, working as performing artists and landing big contract working for Disney and Holiday camps and singers who have got through to the finials on major TV Talent shows and so on.

In her time she has worked onside world famous music producers and has had her own music broadcasted on BBC Radio and Tv throughout the years.

She has had many reviews from The Stage Newspaper which have been outstanding.

Now Rachel had trained to become a sound therapist. 

A few years ago Rachel was involved in a major accident where she damaged her spine badly after she was hit by a bus. Doctors couldn't help her any more only offer her pill after pill, So she had to turn to other methods of which most didn't work. While sound therapy will never cure her condition she has found relief from spending regular periods of time using sound and gong baths to help her.

Now Rachel wants to share this with everyone she can and help others the way it has helped her.


Matt Weymouth based professional engineer and music producer


Professional DJ

Music Producer

Studio engineer


Specialist in Audio Mastering for the commercial releases/

Rachel Scott Music Services
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