Rachel is based in the seaside town of Weymouth, Dorset, UK.

She has sung all over the country to large and small venues.

She loves performing and sharing her love of music to the world.

Her main genres are Rock Pop, 90's 00's and Charts. 

Rachel started singing live and making music from a young age and has sung in many types of venues big and small including Hackney Empire and Clapham Grand - London and hotels and clubs all over the country.

Now she is focusing on her live shows which are covers only.

If a venue require original songs that is also not a problem as she has two albums on sale on Itunes which is all her own work.

Rachel also has a 45 minute act called, "Rachel Does Bond" Which is a tribute to the soundtracks from the James Bond films.

She can also provide themed nights with bookings in advance.

Rachel Scott's Discography - Original  Works Only

For Covers go to the music page for Rachel's Live covers act 


Habibi Wont Call You Back Latest track from Rachel released on 31/12/19 and has all ready reached over 55,000 Plays worldwide.

Whodeeney by Rachel  was released in 2019 has reached over 53,000 Plays worldwide.

The song is more of a statement then a "oo look how well I can sing and aimed at stalker who has been following her every move for over 12 years now thats what we call devoted lol


Blow - The Album by Rachel  was released in 2008 .

It is a 18 full track album covering a mix genre collection of songs and styles.


Everybody's Home For Christmas

Everybody's Home For Christmas  by Rachel  was released in 2008 .

Her Christmas Song scored very highly in reviews from BBC South Radio and  they also liked the acoustic down tempo version which is also on the single and on iTUNES 



Ain't No Lady - The Album  by Rachel  was released in 2007 .

This was Rachel's first album she made back while she first started exploring the online route of making music too sale online.


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